What Does Christmas Mean to You?

How would you answer?

Santa and Little Boy

Christmas is (1) a time to be with your family; (2) a time for

Parties; (3) a religious time; (4) a stressful time; (5) a emotional time; (6) a time of blatant moneymaking.


Most people would agree with  “a time of blatant money-making.” Christmas is a time for most toy companies and small businesses to rack in that money.  Most people celebrate Easter more, because it is a so-called religious holiday, celebrated by Protestants and Catholics.  Christmas is more than a vacation period.   Christmas has   “undergone a process of sticking commercialization,” states The Encyclopedia Britannica.  Some 40 years ago, an anti-Christmas pamphlet lamented:  “Christmas is boosted by the commercial world.  It is the greatest money-making season of the year, professed Christian business men look forward to the Christmas season, not for the sake of Christ, but for the sake of financial gain.” So true these words are today!

Most people around the world celebrate Christmas.  Most religions celebrate it as well.   Even non-Christian people celebrate it just for the fun.  According to The World Book Encyclopedia, “Christmas is the day on which Christians celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.”  Nevertheless, the Encyclopedia also states:  “The early Christians did not celebrate  [Jesus’] birth because of anyone’s birth to be a Pagan custom.”

How then, did these Pagan customs become apart of “Christmas” holiday, Christmas? The first century Christians did not celebrate Christmas is borne out by early “Christian” writers.   The Catholic Encyclopedia states the following: “Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the church. Irenaeus and   Tert’~l l ian omit  its  from their  list  of  feasts.” When Apostate Christians began to fall  away to pagan practices, Terullian Complained:  “By us, who are strangers of Sabbaths, and new moons and Festivals,  once acceptable to God,  the Saturnalia [and other pagan feats] are how frequented, gifts are carried to and fro,  … and sports and banquets are celebrated with uproar.”

In order to convert Pagans, the Roman Catholic clergy In the fourth century after  Christ  took  in  this  Pagan  Saturnalia  on December  25  sponsored  it  as  the  “Mass  of  Christ”  or  “Christmas.” Christmas is  just a  carbon copy of the Pagan Saturnalia.  The early Christ lens did not celebrate the birth of Christ.”Romans favorite festival was Saturnalia, which began on December 17 and ended with the  birthday of the unconquered Sun’  (Natalis Soils Inviction December  25.  Somewhere in  the second  century quarter of the fourth century, ,  savvy officials of the church of Rome decided December ”   would make a dandy day to celebrate the birthday of the  ‘ sun of Righteousness!  Christmas was born “-U.S. Catholic of December 1981, page 32.

All right it is commonly know that Christmas was not originally a celebration about Christmas of Christ’s birth. Here is most of the information about Christmas, know what do you think?  In my opinion it is very exaggerated. it is mostly about toy shops, Department stores, sales, buying presents, getting a Christmas Tree, decorating your house better then your neighbor,  spending money you don’t have, etc.

The Christmas is supposed to be one of “good will” toward men. After fifteen hundred years of Christmas celebrating, how much “good will” is there in the world today? How much good will is practiced during the holiday season itself? How Christ-like are people during this “Most sacred festival”?

When learning these facts about Christmas, how have some been affected? The World Book Encyclopedia (1982) observes under “Christmas”:  “During the 1600’s  …  Christmas was outlawed in England and in parts of the English colonies in America.” Since people in the past refused to celebrate Christmas because of its Pagan origin, it should be understandable why Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate it today. We take no part in Christmas  parties, plays,  singing,  exchanging  of  gifts,  or  in  any  other  such activity that is associated with Christmas.

Know it  is your  turn  to examine  why you  celebrate  this Pagan Holiday. To really find out the truth. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to push my religion or my beliefs on others, just show the truth.  But I just wanted to present the truth about “Christmas.”


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