Add a church

You can now add your own church to the listing. Please follow the guidelines below. You will need to create an account here
Please add only churches and if you would like to submit a link, please go to the link page. Once you have created your account, you may click on the “Connections” link to fill out the information. If you know more then one church, you can add them as well each time once you have saved the first one. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Churches added to the RCYM web site are submitted by users. Use the submission links on the contact page or use the link above All submissions are reviewed 24 hours by the editors and are deleted if deemed not appropriate for this website.

What is appropriate material for submissions?

Any church that is gay affirming may be added to the index. (this includes non-Christian). Any website with reference to gay spirituality may be added. Any submission that included a reference to ex-gay organizations is forbidden. Any submission that promotes hate or bigotry is forbidden. Any submission with adult content is forbidden.

All requests to modify or add websites and church listings are handled manually. Please do contact us about adding, modifying or deleting any listing.