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Whats New

photodune-711147-dictionary-series-christianity-sUPDATE July 2014: We have updated our site that will allow you to post articles on social media websites and also create PDF files of the articles so that you can save them for personal use or share with friends. Some of the new things that you will find:


When you view an article, it will show the scripture that is quoted in the book.

The church Directory also is working. Please email us with the contact information and we will post it. It will post by State and people can do searches by that as well. MORE updates are coming. The Owner of the site, is finishing up with school and will be posting more articles and cleaning things up.


New articles coming:

Soul Ties (What does it mean?)
HIV/AIDS: Is it God’s Judgment?

Homosexuality: The New Testament Coming Soon
Christmas: The Real Meaning
Biologist’s View on Homosexuality
Teen Suicide Coming Soon
Church and State: What does it Mean for us? August 1, 2015
Gay Marriage or Civil Unions? August 1, 2015