Our History

Around April 1998, Steve  had the desire to start a youth ministry for the LGBTQ Community. He knew the Lord had something in store for him, but he wasn’t sure what it was. He felt God calling him into the ministry but didn’t know what it was exactly that the Lord wanted him to do. Many times he felt like giving up, but he knew that this was a need in the Community and stayed with it. But he never gave up. He was steadfast and committed to the service of others.

The purpose is to reach out to the youth that feel rejected by many traditional churches today. RCYM’s hope is that the website will continue to help those that are broken hearted about Scriptures that are misused to say that being GAY is wrong.

Steve worked with Advocates For youth in Washington DC, doing peer advising, supporting gay youth, and answering questions related to being gay and reconciling homosexuality with Christianity.

Since we are currently on the internet (we are not a non-profit status (501c3)). We would like to speaking at churches, schools, conferences, holding workshops, seminars, and any other way the Lord opens doors.

An addition to Rainbow Christian Youth Ministries was the name Change. We feel that since we put Christ first, that our sexuality comes last. That is why we change our name from Gay Christian Youth Ministries. Please remember that we are not an organization that tries to change someone’s sexuality, but to accept everyone that is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and questioning.