Bible Studies

Here you will find some of the writings that we have done over the years. We have some new ones in the works and will post them here when they are available. In the drop down box on the Bible Studies menu, you will find some of the writings.

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Holy Living and Homosexuality

  • Young, Gay and Christian – 
  • Somdomite What does it mean? Coming soon!
  • What God Requires – This study was done over 5 years ago. Since then I have revised it to apply to us today. Please check it out and if you are those that are used to churches that are all about rules, I believe that this will change your view!
  • John 4:23, 24 – This study was done about 5 years ago as a personal study. We make this study available to you so that you can grow in the knowledge of God more. It is also important to know that this study has to deal with how to worship.
  • The Law Vs. Grace – Sometimes people get confused with always quoting the law. But what extent are we under the law? Are we under Grace? If we are under the Law, then we need to follow all 613 of them. If we are under Grace then we are saved through Christ Jesus, which is our Lord.
  • Seeking God’s Wisdom on Homosexuality – A study that goes through all Biblical passages concerning Homosexuality. By the Evangelical Concerned.
  • New Testament Homosexuality – This study is about the NEW TESTAMENT Scriptures about Homosexuality by Steve Payne a Personal Study. (Coming soon)
  • When we come to our Senses – When we come to Christ, we come to our senses. This is for those that have not accepted Jesus as their Savior. Also can have some insight for those that are Christians.
  • Christian Witnessing – Our duty as Christians is to be Witnesses. To Witness to those that are lost.
  • What is Abomination? – (to download this file right click and save target as )A Old Testament Study on Leviticus Abominations. (Will be revised to look for into the Hebrew Scriptures)
  • Lot and two Men – Going back to Genesis 19 where Lot and the two angels from God, the village people wanted to have sex relations with the angels. Going back to the Original meaning. (Just Updated…Corrections still need to be made)
  • False Prophets – Today we have people that claim that they are prophets. But what is a real False Prophet. This study has been revised twice and for a third time, it will be more in-depth then the it is know. Important scripture will help identify what a false prophet is. If a person claims that they are a prophet, more then likely that are false prophets. Prophets today do not claim to be prophets.
  • Nothing Can Separate us – The Gay Community, is God’s people. This talks about that nothing can separate us from the Love of God. Also Personal Experience from Steve Payne. (Just Updated)
  • Church Divided – What Divides the Church today? A study.
  • Church Division – Part 2 – Division in the Church
  • Study on John 3:16 John 3:16 and who does it apply to.
  • A Walk of a Believer – Every Christian continues the walk. But what happens when things get in the way. Great Idea’s and points. (Just updated)


Five Keys to Salvation

  • Grace – What does the Bible teach about grace?
  • Sanctification – What does the Bible teach about sanctification?
  • Faith – What is Faith?
  • Justification – What does Justification mean?
  • Salvation – What is this Salvation?

Other Writings